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Project M2 - Survivor

2008-04-15 12:59:48 by Suroy

At moment I'm working on second eps of Project M2.

It will be the meeting between Chun-li and Reptile, but before she will have a misfortune with some Tarkan Warriors. At the end of the animation will be revealed part of the obscure plan of Shang Tsung with the Strider Hiryu appearance.

I expect do not disappoint any fans of Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter and Strider Hiryu. By the way, somebody noticed or perceives Strider Hiryu in first eps?

EDIT: If somebody desire to see some screenshots of the Survivor episode, visit my blog...


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2008-04-15 20:59:00

first comment!!!AWESOME!!!....anyway take the time u need 2 do what u need 2 do.and if it has Reptile, it should be one hell of an episode.

Suroy responds:

Yeah, this will be a caotic episode... I post some screenshots on my site (blog)....

I'm impressed with myself. The initial result it's awesome.

I increased the project's frame rate, from 16 to 26, I'm simplified the dialogues, I'm creating new combos and other effects to make more agressive battles....

At moment the animation has 1:07 min, but when it will be complete, it will have 8 minutes approximately.

I expect complete this episode in 2 months. I need learn many things before.


2008-04-25 08:49:20

"perceives Strider Hiryu in first ep"

Nope, I did not, where was he?

Suroy responds:

at scene where Chun-Li is knocked.


2008-04-25 10:08:39

best of luck! for Project M2 Survivor.
this name matches my movie.

(Updated ) Suroy responds:

really, hehehehe.... the name is seemed. I expect that makes success as your. It's a very good animation...


2008-04-25 12:54:18

good luck with this movie. i cant wait. i didnt see hiryu in the first eps though.

(Updated ) Suroy responds:

look at scene where Chun-Li is knocked.


2008-05-03 18:03:51

i saw him now :D
he was flying near to the building when chun li gets hit down. it was well hidden though

Suroy responds:



2008-05-08 20:00:29

Reptile is my 3rd fav character in MK
I'll be waiting for the episode, and the 4th one,

Suroy responds:

Hahahahaha, the 4th eps. especially, Certain? Heheheheh...

I loved Dark Energy.... I don't use on 3rd eps. cause all things already adjusted... however it goes to "combine more" with the 4th. (I think that's wrong written)


2008-05-08 20:05:08

i also remebered something in the first movie.
The battle music what u were playing was the trailer from seed racer right?

Suroy responds:

Yeah... too..... But If my memory serves me right, this music was used before in a game on Burnout series.


2008-05-11 15:38:17

Now, in the first movie, why did u add so my storyline to it?

Suroy responds:

Storyline ?


2008-05-13 13:57:57

can't wait for it,
I don't think Strider Hiryu would be good in the first ep.
First Ep was good with Sonia & Chun Li


2008-05-14 15:53:25

diolague i mean.,


2008-05-22 21:26:22

Hey man I saw your movie but I have forgot to review it because I'm too lazy and I wasn't sure if you would read it. But I loved your movie and I think it deserved way more than a 3.01 but whatever. But I see are using Flash CS3, so you have to utilize it's capabilities. When I saw your movie, I thought you were using Flash MX. But since you are using CS3 try to add some filters and some good special effects. Another reason why your score is probably so low is because of your hit sparks. Your hitsparks aren't to attracting so try getting some different hitsparks. I know for a fact you are better than me and I respect that, but I want to help you become amazing. Thank you for reading this, check my movies too and review them.
P.S. My movies have a huge gap of improvement from each one so if you think my first one isn't good, keep watching because I improve drastically after each animation.

Suroy responds:

thanks for leaving your suggestions here. Really has much thing to be improved. This is my first animation in flash. I never made any animation, so I expect to improve with time and help of all persons that to desire to share its ideas

My second animation is on production already demonstrates a well bigger level of finishing. nor all the details are disclosed in screenshots many things are occult and they will only be appreciated in the conclusion.


2008-06-04 02:16:51

I can't wait to see your next episode...I think your fighting schemes are pretty good...I really liked the energy combos...that was ingenious...I'm curious how are you able to move the background to make it so fluid in movement?

(Updated ) Suroy responds:

Sorry... but I don't reveal my secret here.... hahahahaha. Into the next animation will have a Easter Egg with the secret... and others curiosities.


2008-06-04 15:12:18

ae cara to doidin pra ve o ep 2 xD

Suroy responds:

Espere e confie...


2008-06-10 15:10:57

Nice movie indeed, good luck!

P.S - Read your PM!

Suroy responds:

Take a look in my site, case you need help, I will help you...


2008-06-11 09:26:46

Yeah, my TUPT is also a first project! :D

Suroy responds:

And promises to call attention....


2008-06-29 22:29:38

You might not want to reveal so many of the plot points, man! Takes away from the pleasant suprises...


Suroy responds:

Hahahahahah.... Right, don't worry....


2008-07-02 15:01:12

Yo brother what's up?
Any news? :D

I'm still ripping sprites for TUPT-2 :(

Suroy responds:

Good.... I'm waiting to see your new animation, with your news techniques. hehehe


2008-07-03 00:20:36

suroy, how many episodes are there again?
Cause i amy make another song that will be a great song for fighting scenes

Suroy responds:

Sorry, I access this page one time per week.

I pretend finish this project in 7 or 8 episodes, if the peoples liked them my animations... else I cancel the project at third episode....

Until this moment, seems be well accepted...


2008-07-07 18:06:34

Hey, how's your bad-ass animation doing? :D
When are you going to release it???

Suroy responds:

I don't know.... I don't have a exactly date... I'm sad because this...


2008-07-09 18:01:35

Nah, don't be sad about it, I know you'll be done with your movie!
Good luck, and try to spend about 2 hours a day on it :D !

(Updated ) Suroy responds:

I spend 3 to 4 hours per day.... but it's few time to create many effects.... I stay on project... don't worry... I wish finish this animation, cause I really want make the 3 episode to show many insane crazy combos and things I have kept to 3 episode, things I imagined and I don't belive anyone has imaginated and I have kept until I have enough knowledge to realize it well... I'm learning many new techniques as vector effects, camera and particle animation... with help from some my new friends on NG.

I can guarantee, the 3 episode goes to mark my presence in the NG...


2008-07-20 14:22:16

Hey Suroy!
There are terrible news on my page.
Check it!


2008-07-25 13:00:23

August is coming close, and so is the release of TUPT-2 :D

Suroy responds:

Yeah.... That's it.... I'm waiting....


2008-07-29 14:42:25

hey how are you?
how is your flash progress?

(Updated ) Suroy responds:

Huahuahuahuahua... I'm fine... but my project it's late..... I finish the preloader, menu, credits and bonus scenes but the main animation still on subway at moment... hummmm.... 2/3 of animation from movie is completed, but lately I'm not have many time to dedicate because my schedule is full....


2008-08-01 18:44:16

oh ok i hope you finish soon and good luck


2008-08-04 07:59:32

I'm still the same... 2/3 of my movie is done too :D
But I've added already the menu and pre-loader :P
Just have to finish the battle scene and add the extras and credits :P

Suroy responds:

Good... hehehehe


2008-08-08 16:24:32

hey i got a screenshot check it out :)


2008-08-13 19:59:55

oh, i forgot to tell you, check my post! ^^
its been up for a while already ^^

Suroy responds:

Cool..... Akuma vs Gouken, hehehe.... I'm stay on Akuma side...


2008-08-19 10:36:10

Hey buddy! what's the percentage as of now?

Suroy responds:

Hehehehe, Hi man, nice to see you here, again... I'm very busy lately... so my project it's been slow, but is AMAZING.

I'm on subway at moment, 85% of animation is completed, and now it's more easy, because, left 2 chars to animate Chun-li and Reptile. Before was very complicated therefore had 11 chars to liven up simultaneously...

And yours projects, How are doing?


2008-08-22 20:06:42

Im all fine you haven't left a comment on my page so I guess you didn't see the pictures yet but you will not see it there I will put the picture back up soon and I stop for 2 weeks.



2008-08-26 09:22:11

Check out my page now I updated dude!

(Updated ) Suroy responds:

Ok... I will see and, comment.


2008-08-28 14:06:16

But you can still see right! no offense but, eat carrots for better eye sight man!

But btw this movie is coming soon 75% yay!

Suroy responds:

Ok... I will eat some carrots..... I expect this works.... hahahahaha......


2008-08-29 09:00:20

Lol yay!


2008-08-30 03:18:41

Hey... Hows life, man? Check my sheezy page.
Some funny things there!


2008-09-09 07:57:36

Go to my page!

MOre info and one more new screenie!


2008-09-14 12:02:06

so whens it comin out??

Suroy responds:

coming soon....