Entry #3

M2 - Confrontation

2008-12-09 20:29:35 by Suroy

Today I start the 3rd episode of M2. This time Strider Hiryu and Chun-Li, faces off the adversaries into the Living Forrest...

I had all the soundtrack for this episode since the beginning of the 2nd animation, the storyline is finished but can occurs subtle changes on talk scenes to adjust itself on a subtitle boxes.

At this moment I'm making the battle scenes, after that I will dadicate my atention at the sprites from Chun-Li Hiryu and the (others).... "sorry but I can't reveal yet".... LOL...

This time I will explore a new (2x2) battle style and I'll expect all peoples like this insane battle.

EDIT : 12 / 24 / 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everybody...


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2010-03-23 19:01:19

R.I.P suroy...


2010-04-03 16:59:19



2010-04-06 18:52:51

when will you edit this post?

on dec 2008 it was last updated


2010-04-06 21:23:41

HE'S NOT DEAD! Click the thing on the right that says Suroy.wordpress in the contact info and the latest post is April 5. Translated, it says he's looking for a job and fell in love.

So shut up saying he's dead


2010-04-13 19:30:47

suroy's Flash animation is dead though...Rest in peace.....


2010-04-17 11:10:13

Suroy just doesn't have time to finish the flash.
When you are busy with life, you won't want to sacrifice your free time to rest and make flash just for people online.

The same thing why I can't finish my flash too, because why do I want to sacrifice my free time just to entertain people online who don't even care about me but just care about the flash.

People here don't even care what happens to Suroy, all they think about is the flash itself.

Another message I'm trying to tell young animators is, they should try and push themselves forward and be the best.
There is no point in trying to best Proxicide's work, the guy is above your league. Because he knew flash ages ago, he was interested in sprite animations and wanted to have a go on it with different inspiration from others. Just because he came up with MK vs SF 1 doesn't mean that's his first ever flash work. The guy has been studying flash and produced various examples of flash before getting into sprites.

One thing that disgust me so much is when Proxicide came out with Mk vs Sf 1 & 2. After Mk vs Sf 3, people started to hate the guy for no reason because of his pure skill in flash and envy. I myself may not know the guy personality but I have no hate for him and respect him just like I respect animators and people like you.

Proxicide is only good at flash effects (as well as other programs), and inspiring fight choreography. Though he's animation lacks story telling and other animators have proven they are as good as Proxicide without the need of making the flash look Awe by running at 60fps, HD feel or visual effects.

Also another thing I want to point out. Animators have free time in their life, I mean to make 1 scene could take up to a week. You really want to sacrifice 1 week of your spare time just to entertain people online for fun?
When you look back at your life in the future, you'll see how greatly you've wasted half of your life.
If Proxicide looks back at his wasted life on flash days, he'll say he didn't because he created a new bench mark, everyone will remember the Mk vs Sf 2 and 3 flash. It will be in the distant memory of the internet and never forgotten.
Now this refers to animators here (you who are reading), when you look back at your life, will you see people remembering your flash next to Proxicide's flash? No.
Try and push yourself forward and make a new benchmark, an animation people will greatly remember for eternity!
This means greatly working hard at your flash that will take more than 6 months, when it's finally released people will remember your flash.

Ever since I started on flash and watched MK vs SF 3, so much work Proxicide put into it is unbelievable. That person sacrificed so much of his time to produce something that will never be forgotten.
We have Alvin, that guy may be lazy when he makes his work, but his flashes are truly like a work of professional.

I don't come to Newgrounds often to check on awesome VS. flashes because I'm busy with life. Though 1 thing I still need to achieve in my life is to finally finish the flash I've been anxious to make. And I hope God will allow and grant me this wish. Because I know this flash will set a new benchmark as I can imagine it.
Suroy deserves recognition for his work.

Anyway I hope people who read this grasps what I'm trying to say.
*Viewers of flash animations, animators have life and it takes dedication to produce something to entertain you. Care about the author as well as the flash.
*Animators, no need to hate Proxicide or compare his work to yours.
Set a new benchmark, make people remember your flash for eternity so when you look back at your life, you'll know you haven't wasted your life!


2010-04-27 16:22:29

yes i agree with youtube-xin0 always respect animators


2010-05-13 00:23:22

I was on some website & Soury keeps up with his posts very well there and I think he's almost done.

Unfortunantly it wasn't in english so I could no read it.


2010-05-17 10:49:56


cara o que é o progresso em M3?

I'm feelin' a little delay again :D



2010-06-29 15:19:28

dude this looks crazy!!
I'm waiting for sub zero or scorpion from appearing on the flash, luck!


2010-08-08 17:27:35



2010-08-20 03:01:31

Wassup animator!
New TUPT-2 Showcase http://skater007.newgrounds.com/news/


2011-01-15 12:15:13

Dec. 9, 2008. It doesn't take 2 years to make a sprite flash. What happened to Suroy?


2011-01-22 04:52:58

You were a worthy rival, indeed.

*fires 21 volleys*



2011-01-27 02:04:59


where you at???



2011-05-09 21:34:26

It would depress me greatly to find out that he's actually dead, first because I joked about that earlier, & also because this will have been the 2nd time this happened to someone I descovered by accident :'(


2011-05-11 18:12:45

Look, at the moment Suroy is jobless. So what is more important: making an animation that won't give him money or do something that will give him and his girlfriend money?


2011-05-19 22:23:17

Wow damn that is really f'd up........how'd you find that out man.......wish I could help


2011-06-11 09:29:13

so any update friend.
any official release info or intro or pic.


2013-09-13 02:51:23

LMAO..you guys are harsh with no evidence.